Back in April, 36-year-old Neil McArdle of Liverpool, England was marrying his girlfriend, 29-year-old Amy Williams. He had a job to do as the couple were set to marry -- book the venue, St. George's Hall in Liverpool.

What did Neil forget to do? You guessed it, book the venue!

He actually forgot to do the paperwork. So what did he do to cover his butt? Call in a bomb threat, what else!?!

Neil apparently figured that if he called in a bomb threat to the venue, it would be shut down and no one would find out he hadn't booked it.

And he would've gotten away with it had it not been for those meddling kids...OK, not really. It was the cops that traced his call to a pay phone.

He just pleaded guilty to one count of communicating false information with intent. He'll be sentenced in a few weeks.

Some good news to report though as he and Amy are still together, yet not married yet.