Lafayette Animal Aid needs your help saving a life by fostering a dog. There are several, homelss, desperate dogs in the area that could use a loving owner and happy home, even if it is temporary. These dogs will only know how to love you forever if you save their life.

There are so many benefits to fostering a dog. Not only will the dog love the ground you walk on, but Lafayette Animal Aid will provide the vet care, food, and whatever else is needed to get another dog into a safe, loving, and temporary home. The only thing asked of you is to provide a safe shelter, daily care, and love... maybe some treats and belly rubs too.

You may foster the dog for a short period of time or an extended period of time. Who knows, you might fall deeply in love with dog and decide to adopt it! Every dog desreves a chance to live and be loved. Please do not wait another day, call Melinda at (337)298-6537.