Most folks who are in jail earned there way there. That's just the bottom line. Then there's a few guys and gals who get there by a lot of bad luck and misfortune. Here's a former football star from Nebraska who had a whole bunch of the bad mojo back a few years ago that changed his life forever.

But instead of being released, Harrington was charged with murder. Relying largely on the testimony of an alleged co-conspirator, the police theorized that Harrington and another Omaha friend, Curtis McGhee, had attempted to steal a car that night. When Schweer left his post to investigate, Harrington opened fire. Harrington told anyone who would listen that he hadn't attempted to steal a car that night, and he sure as hell hadn't murdered anyone.

Perserverence at its finest folks. I hope you find a little inspiration in this story.

(via: Terry Harrington spent 25 years in jail for crime he didn't commit - The Bonus -