In journalism school they taught us " Dog bites man, not news, Man bites dog, that's news". I guess this would be a case of the hunted becoming the hunter with a rather hilarious twist. The story, as we reported on our "What Were They Smoking" segment of the Bruce and the Kennel Club show, happened this way.

A man working as a mascot in a gorilla outfit was assaulted while he worked in front of a wireless phone store. The perpatrator was a man dressed as a large banana. According to those who saw the incident, the banana jumped from some near by bushes and attacked the gorilla, knocking him to the ground. The banana then "slipped" away down the street to an alleged getaway vehicle.

The tape of the 911 call is pure comedy gold, but to see the manager of the phone store describe the scene is absolutely priceless. I certainly hope our Dawg Rouxfus won't be brutally attacked by a person dressed as a giant bone or a cracklin'.