We all like to say we are against stereotypes. We all perpetuate stereotypes everyday. Have you ever made a cop and a doughnut joke?  You might not mean it maliciously or may be doing it in the spirit of fun and understanding but you're still doing it and so am I.

If I say Alabama, you get a certain mental image don't you? How about if I say New York? That's right you've got a picture in your mind and it probably isn't the most flattering picture you've ever created is it? In a lot of cases, Louisiana especially, we are kind of proud of our stereotypes.

We love our Swamp People and New Orleans Saints fans dressed like Moses. We snicker when we tell people from other places that we have to paddle a pirogue to school or we feed the gators out our back door. We know it's not really true and neither are most of these tongue-in-cheek statements about our other 49 states.

Although I do agree with the statement about Florida, the more north you go, the more south it gets. Watch and see and tell me what your favorites or least favorite stereotypes happened to be.