We see it all the time in sports. The athletes of today are bigger, stronger and as this story will show a lot faster. Usain Bolt from Jamaica just won another gold medal in the London Olympics. Just how fast is Bolt compared to some of the other great sprinters in Olympic history? This interactive video allows you to see Bolt versus every other Olympic sprinter.

Do you remember Carl Lewis from the games of Los Angeles and Seoul? He would finish a solid 10 feet behind Bolt.

That is mind blowing if you ask me. To see a spread of 10 feet in a race as short as 100 meters in a time span of less than 20 years really illustrates just how the modern athlete has progressed. Is it something illegal? It probably is not, it's more likely better training methods, better nutrition, better shoes and even faster running surfaces.

I remember when running a mile in four minutes was considered an amazing feat. Today's best marathoners, the ones that run 26.2 miles, cover a mile in about four and a half minutes over the entire course. For us weekend runners and joggers, we can only hope finish the same day that we start.