In South Louisiana it's not a matter of if you are going to be bitten or stung this Summer, it's more about when. Since there is no real way to avoid the fire ants, the bees and mosquitoes what is the best way to ease the itch and make sure your body heals properly?

Fire Ants: If you ask me these little spawns of Satan should have never been allowed on Noah's Ark. Their sting is painful and the swelling can be tremendous.  Did you know you can ease the pain with Worcestershire Sauce? I have tried it and it works. If you can get the sauce on a paper towel and saturate the bite with the spicy mixture you will find the sting and itch disappears completely and the annoying red bump won't be nearly as large.

A lot of other people maintain that soaking the bite in hot water will ease the pain and suffering of the victim. You can also make a paste of baking soda and water and that seems to draw the venom out of the wound too. For you Corona drinkers, here is an extra benefit to that fruit you put in the bottle. If you get a fire ant bite you can apply some of the juice of your lime wedge to the bite. According to some of our listeners it not only quells the itch but makes the red bump disappear without a scar.

Mosquito Bites: You are going to get bitten if you go outside, we're more concerned about making the itch go away. Probably the most effective way to stop the itching is with a by product of another stinging insect, Honey. That's right honey from a beehive when spread on the bite will calm the itch almost instantly. One of our listeners suggested rubbing the bite with a banana peel! For those who like taking things to the extreme or what we call "50 shades of itch relief", wet the bite with water and the apply the business end of a 9 volt battery.

Bee Stings: I used to get stung by honey bees a lot when I was a kid. I think it had something to do with my desire to "cook" them with a magnifying glass. Yes, I was a really bad child. So about the bee stings, food figures into easing the pain on bee stings too. A lot of you might be familiar with making a past of meat tenderizer and water and rubbing it on the wound. Did you know you can get the same effect by rubbing a little yellow mustard on the bite? The organic sufferer might reach into his or her herb garden and rub the bite with some fresh parsley or basil. I guess even if it doesn't make you feel better you'll at least smell better.

Here's to another couple of months of stinging biting and suffering, I hope these tips will help you ease the pain of battling the bite.