Cajun Baseball and Cajun Softball have been dang exciting all season and both teams currently have their backs up against the wall. That means support in person and in the spiritual sense would be highly encouraged for all Cajun fans today.

During the course of the afternoon, unless Mother Nature throws a hissy fit, both teams will be playing at the same time at some time today. The purpose of this story is to tell you how and where to keep up with each team via play by play on air, online, or via your very smart telephone.

Let's get the most familiar way taken care of first, what stations will be carrying which game? Ragin Cajun Baseball with Jay Walker will be live on NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL. The Cajuns will be taking on San Diego State in a win or go home game. That game is on your FM dial at 96.5 and game time is at 1pm. Tune in a few minutes earlier to catch the pregame show at 12:35 pm.

Cajun Softball from the Women's College World Series in Oklahoma City is scheduled to be on the air at 1:10pm. Steve Peloquin just reminded me that there is a game before the Cajuns and Oklahoma meet so that game time could be pushed back depending on the time it takes to play the first game.  You can hear Cajun Softball on ESPN1420. That is on your AM dial at a frequency of 1420.

What about listening to baseball and softball on my computer at home? You can certainly do that by clicking on either of the buttons we have posted below.

Now let's talk about your very smart telephone. If you have an iPhone or an Android phone you can download an app called radioPup. This app is free for iPhone users in the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android users. You can also cut to the chase and download it the app right here.  Once you've downloaded and installed radio pup click on stations near me. The app will ask your permission to use your location. That should bring  you to our Lafayette group of stations. Choose Newstalk 965 KPEL for baseball or ESPN1420 for softball.

What if you're at a wedding, a funeral, or someplace where you can't listen through the speakers or ear buds but you want to follow the game? I suggest you sign up for Twitter. Once you've signed up for Twitter you need to follow @kpel965 and @espn1420. Those twitter accounts will be tweeting updates all through the game. It's like having your own personal reporter.

Television coverage for both baseball and softball is being handled by ESPN. You can watch the softball game on ESPN 2 or follow the baseball on ESPN 3. Check your local listings for what channels those games will be on for your cable, satellite, or internet provider.