Cheerleaders, dance team, song girls, pep squad. Whatever you want to call them, these glittery similarly dressed females have been elusive figures of college ambition since their inception. Many brave men have tried and failed in their quest for pom pom glory.

You don’t have to be a statistic.

Follow these guidelines to landing the cheerleader/dance team/pep person of your dreams. Here is part 2 in the #winning college series, “How to Talk to Cheerleaders”.

Step 1: The Approach

As I discussed in a previous blog, “How To Lose A Girl In 30 Seconds”, how and where you approach a girl is every bit as vital to your success as what you say. This is no different when it comes to cheerleaders. Though cheerleaders may be at nearly every university function, this does not mean they should be approached at every university function. In fact, you will be much better off making your initial approach when they are not in uniform. Let me break it down for you…

-Cheerleaders are pack animals. They get their strength from the heard, and they are never as powerful as when suited up with their peppy companions.

-Cheer teams often have rules about fraternizing with guys while in uniform.

-The girls will often be preoccupied with other stuff going on at the event, meaning she won’t be giving you her full attention.

-The other girls will interrupt you while are trying to talk to her. Trust me, it’s part of their cheer-code.

-She is used to getting attention while in uniform, meaning if you approach her while she is wearing it, she’ll dismiss you as just another lame dude trying to hit on her while she’s working.

Instead, your best chance is to catch her out of uniform away from her squad mates. If you do find yourself in conversation with a cheer girl while in uniform, DO NOT appear intimidated or overly interested, and try to be the first to walk away from the conversation. It’s not running away, it’s living to fight another day. Show her that her uniform doesn’t own you, even if it does…

Step 2: The Conversation

When talking to the cheer girls, you have two enormous advantages.

Observe these two laws:

1. They love talking about cheer leading/dancing.

2. If they are cheerleaders, they absolutely despise the dance team. If they are on the dance team, they absolutely despise the cheerleaders.

Playing on these two advantages will yield maximum results.


Guy: Hey, you’re on the cheer team, right? My mom used to be big into cheer leading. Your squad is impressive.

Cheer Girl: Wow, really? Thanks for saying that!

Guy: Yeah, y’all are so much better than the “insert opposite team”. I don’t know why they get so much attention. ***They can’t even keep their lines straight.

Cheer Girl: I love you.

***Note: I have no idea what “keeping lines straight” means, but she will, and she will eat it up.

Once you deliver these two simple lines, step back. She will unleash an onslaught of cheer drama and gossip upon you. Attempt to maintain interest, but not too much interest.

Step 3: Closing the Deal

Now that you have her attention, it’s time to close the deal. The best strategy is to tactically use her love her cheering against her.

Guy: Do you like sports, or do you just go to the games cause you have too?

Cheer Girl: Mostly because I have too, ***but I do like sports.

Guy: Have you ever seen a game from the stands?

Cheer Girl: Not really, I’m pretty much always on the sideline.

Guy: Well I think we’re going to have to go see one sometime.

Cheer Girl: I’d like that.

***Note: This is a lie. She doesn’t really like sports, but she will almost always pretend like she does.


There you have it, the secret inner workings of the pep-filled mind. Now get out there and find yourself a cheerleader. Happy hunting my friends.

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