The Hurricane Season of 2013 was not that big of a deal for Acadiana. We had more problems with winter weather than we did with tropical storms and hurricanes. The current forecast for the upcoming hurricane season seems to indicate we might be in for yet another slow season. That's good news to hear. The problem with hurricanes is it only takes one to make a slow season a bad season.

The Atlantic Tropical Season officially begins on June 1st. Although it's not out of the question for tropical systems to spin up ahead of the calendar. Most long time residents of Acadiana already know the drill about hurricanes and being prepared. However, it never hurts to review the basics and maybe create a new strategy while there is time to do that.

Now would be the time to check out the hurricane kit.  If the last time you looked at it was when Gustav rolled through then you probably need to examine the contents and replace some of the items. The State of Louisiana is offering a tax holiday for hurricane preparations later in the month of May. Planning now could help you put your list together to save a lot of money in a couple of weeks.

One suggestion that we offer is to make sure you have downloaded the radioPup App for your telephone. This will allow you to listen 97.3 The Dawg and other Acadiana radio stations even if the power goes out. The nice thing about using your telephone as your radio in a storm situation is that you can charge it using your car charger.

Another great thing about radioPup is that even if the radio station goes off the air because of a transmitter or tower issue. You can still hear the programming sent directly down the radio station's internet feed.

You've probably heard the announcements on the radio from the Governor's office  about "Get A Game Plan". It's good advice and it's easier to make a plan now on a beautiful warm spring day then when a storm is moving ashore in less than 12 hours.