You have discovered an old 55 gallon drum in your backyard is now home to hundred of wasps or yellow-jackets what do you do? If you're me you call a guy with a long range sprayer and enough chemicals to single-handedly remove the ozone layer. If you're Canadian or this guy, you get a vacuum pump, a hose and build a plexiglass capture box.

Then you go about the business of painlessly sucking the wasps out of the barrel and into the capture box. I have never understood the reason we have wasps. I understand honeybees they do a lot of good for the planet but why exactly are wasps  here? Yellow-jackets, besides being a really cool mascot for a football team have no use in my world.

Perhaps you can explain why the world needs wasps. Even better you can explain why someone would go to such trouble to build a wasp catching machine and then film it for the rest of us to enjoy.