I know this video is actually a commercial but unlike the "special man" commercial I put on the website a few minutes ago this commercial did more than just sell me something. It sold me an idea that I believe a lot of us in America forget from time to time. Knowledge is power and access to knowledge is a very powerful thing. Many of us hold in our hands more computer technology than they had on board the spaceships that took man to the moon. What do we use that technology for? 

Most of us use the Internet for fun and family, I do the Facebook thing quite a bit myself. What if we also trained our brains to look for more solutions on line and then started sharing those solutions with those who are less fortunate?

 Who knows what questions our older citizens might really have but don't have the means to find the answers on line? Wouldn't it be something if we used the power of this amazing technology for more good than the spreading of celebrity gossip and political venom? I know it's not going to happen and I probably don't practice what I preach so shame on me. Still I think the idea of a world wide web being used for peace and good through out the world isn't a bad thing at all.