Ya know, for quite a while now I've have the pleasure of listening and talking to local musician Ray Boudreaux, and I've always had the feeling I knew him from somewhere. I've never been able to put my finger on it. He just seemed like someone I've sort of always known. Now, Ray is one of the most personable and humble people you'll ever meet, even if he really is a pretty big deal, so I just shrugged it off to the fact Ray makes everyone feel like they know him. The other day I was watching old country music videos on youtube and stumbled across "I.O.U." by Lee Greenwood and it hit me... Ray and Lee are the same person!

sam stokes

OK, obviously they're not the same person, but the more I watched the video, the more Lee Greenwood reminded me of Ray Boudreaux. What do you think...am I crazy?

My buddy Sam, who plays guitar for Ray, sent this Tweet out, and check out who also agrees Ray Boudreaux looks like him?