I know there's a lot of us still basking in the glow that was the Keith Urban show this past Saturday night at the Cajundome. Me and my crew are amongst that group.

I got a little story for you. My now 6 year old son Hayden has always been a big Keith Urban fan. Actually, it started when my wife Allison wore out one of Urban's CDs while she was pregnant. I think it was his album "Be Here".

Along comes our boy and as an infant he just did not like riding in the car! I think it had something to do with his ears and equilibrium or something or other. The point is, the kido would cry and cry when he was on the road...until Keith Urban's music came on. He especially liked cut #3 and #8 on the cd. (Oh, believe me, we remember what numbers they were!) The two songs are "Making Memories of Us" and "Tonight I Wanna Cry".

Fast forward to this past Saturday night at the Cajundome. For months he had been jacked up to go to his first big Cajundome concert. He patiently makes it through Jake Owen. And then here comes the big moment -- HIS BOY KEITH URBAN ON STAGE! Woo to the hoo! He's excited, rockin' along for a few songs. Then it hits. It hits him like he was warped back to 2005. You guessed it, one of 'Hayden's songs'. And the result is what follows:

Well, at least his Momma, Daddy and Nanna got to enjoy the show.

I've always felt obliged to send Keith Urban a few dollars in babysitting money. He's earned it, right?

P.S. Hayden did wake up after a few songs and caught the last 30 minutes of the concert. And then he fell asleep, listening to Keith Urban.