Kenny Chesney's dad seems to be quite the hot head. 72-year-old Dave Chesney was arrested yesterday for assaulting his 32-year-old neighbor, a man named Jonathan Matthew Jones.

Jones is the president of the local homeowner's association and he kept asking Dave to keep his dog on a leash so it wouldn't wander the grounds of their condominium complex.

Apparently, he asked one too many times because Kenny's dad came after him with a golf club! He took nine swings and landed six of them. He also punched him a few times in the face, knocked off his glasses and stomped them into the ground.

Dave Chesney was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and vandalism.

This all took place in Tazewell, Tennessee, which is about 48 miles northeast of Knoxville. There has been no statement yet from Kenny Chesney.