A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Jamaica. As I sat on the beach trying to avoid the purveyors of weed and sellers of junk, I noticed some people playing a game I had never seen before. I obviously don't get out much because the folks playing it were American tourist and they were pretty good at it. It was a game called "ladder golf" and it's a combination of washers, darts and horseshoes. At least that is how it looked to me.

From what I was told by these folks from Buffalo New York, ladder golf is a staple at Buffalo Bills tailgating gatherings. The object of the game is to toss a short rope with golf balls on each end in such a way that it wraps around the rungs of a small ladder like device. The lower the rung you wrap, the higher the score you get.

You might be familiar with ladder golf. If you aren't take a look, it just might be your next favorite tailgate game, right after tossing the empty cans in the recycling bin.