We love it when concerts come to town. We love working with the Cajundome and all the great people at The District who help us bring live music to Acadiana. What we don't like is when tours announce dates and then change the dates leaving a lot of us feeling stiffed.

Acadiana, it looks like Lady Antebellum will not be coming to see you this February. Last August we announced on 97.3 The Dawg dot com that Lady A's Take Me Downtown Tour would be hitting the Cajundome on February 16th.  The band announced just a few months ago that they were going to have to reschedule some early dates of the tour so that Cajundome date was now in limbo.

We're not in limbo anymore, we are out in the cold. The band just announced their new tour dates and Lafayette is among the dates that are missing. Does that mean the band won't make a stop in Cajun Country next year? Not at all, it just means that this portion of the tour will not be coming through town when we were told it would be.

I for one am disappointed and I do feel a little jacked around but remember tours are not about music they are about money. Don't blame the band and their management company for wanting to make the best investment of their time and resources. Instead lets keep a good thought that on the next leg of the tour Lafayette will be included as a stop. We certainly hope so.