If you notice the Cajundome and Convention Center parking lot looks a lot more like an oilfield than a parking lot it's because LAGCOE is in town this week.  The Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition is held every other year in Lafayette.  The exposition is designed to be one stop shopping for those in the oil and gas industry to see what is new in their field. It is also a place to network and discuss the industry as a whole.

Over 14-thousand attendees are expected at this years LAGCOE experience October 22 through the 24th at the Cajundome and Convention Center. Exhibits will be featured inside and outside the building. The oil and gas industry is a vital part of Louisiana's economy and is responsible for over 70 billion dollars in revenue and over 320-thousand jobs in our state.

If you've never been to LAGCOE here is a sneak peak from the last time the expo was in Lafayette in 2011.