Laughing like yawning is infectious and this laughing man will make you laugh. Why are yawns contagious? Why is laughter contagious? I personally think it is because we all want to do both. Who amongst us doesn't want to take a nap right now? Who amongst us could really use a good belly laugh right now?

Here is an experiment you can try the next time you're having some friends over. Without telling anyone what you are doing just start fake laughing for about 30 seconds. I guarantee that before the 30 seconds are up the entire group will be laughing. It's because we all want and need to laugh.

By the way when you are doing this experiment with you and your buds, take a picture and enter our Bud N Boilin' "Show Us Your Buds" contest. You could win a boiling rig and some other cool prizes just for sharing your photo.