Isn't it funny how the lessons that we learned when we were kids are still the same lessons we need to practice as adults? Maybe funny isn't the right word, maybe sad would be a better choice.

When you look at the Snooki's and other unsavory influences that saturate our video landscape today. It is no wonder so many of our kids are facing a crisis of self esteem, self confidence and the desire to excel. Especially when being a complete moron is made so attractive by today's television role models.

For so many of us growing up in the 1970's and 80's The Neighborhood of Make-Believe and Fred Rogers' house was a safe haven from a world that was growing more scary every day. Sure we all made fun of Mr. Rogers and his sweater and his sneakers but deep down inside we all craved the kindness and attention he preached from his porch.

"You are important, you matter and I like you just the way you are" are just some of wonderful teachings of Mr. Rogers that still ring true today. Every child needs to know they are loved, they are special and that even on the darkest days things will be okay.

This is Mr. Rogers saying good bye to you and I. I have to admit I got choked up watching it. Sometimes I miss the innocence of my small town youth and I yearn for a simpler time. Thank you Mr. Rogers even though I wasn't the best friend to you, you were always the neighbor I could count on.