Is this for real? We often hear of celebrities and other windbags spouting off at the mouth suggesting that if their candidate didn't win they will leave the country. Last time I looked no one of any major importance had denounced their citizenship. There is a move afoot in 15 states, Louisiana included, to peacefully withdraw from the United States of America.

Citizen generated petitions surfaced immediately after last Tuesday's election with a citizen in Louisiana leading the charge.You can view the petition page right here. According to documents, the petition must receive 25-thousand signatures in order for the Obama administration to consider the request. As of early Monday morning over 12-thousand Louisiana residents (as well as other states) had joined the cause. Just to clarify this is a citizen generated movement and is not sanctioned by the State of Louisiana. You can read more about the movement in this article from The Examiner.

How do you feel about this? Were the results of the election so against your beliefs that you would consider leaving the country? If you were given the chance to sign this petition would you?