It can still make you cringe just a little when you see that total on the gas pump after you have filled up the family car. I can remember when $10 was a fill up, so that $50 plus number displayed on the terminal is quite a shock to the system. The good news is that you and I are paying among the lowest prices per gallon for gas in the entire country.

The American Automobile Association recently reported on their nationwide survey of gas prices and only Mississippi and Missouri are able to offer gasoline at a lower price per gallon that retailers in Louisiana. Mike Right a spokes person for Triple A told the Louisiana Radio Network,

"Last year the price was averaging $3.32, but we are well below the national average, currently the national average is $3.65."

While the current average price for a gallon of gas in Louisiana is $3.40 drivers who might be headed to the beach on vacation should be prepared to find prices slightly higher.  The lowest price we found for gas in Destin Florida was $3.53. In Pensacola Florida the price was a little bit better at $3.45 a gallon. The price for a gallon of gas in Gulf Shores Alabama was only a penny higher than the Louisiana average at $3.41

Right, and the people at Triple A, believes gas prices should remain fairly steady through out the summer driving season. The only variable in that mix might be a significant weather event such as as hurricane or tropical storm that disrupts production in and along the Gulf coast.