There must be a lot going on that you and I don't see. All of the people I know are caring, loving, and thoughtful parents. We all love our children unconditionally. We would all do anything we could to help another child in need. Yet our state continues to score near the bottom in the very thing our culture is built on, family.

According to a new report issued by the Annie E. Casey Foundation Louisiana ranks 47th in the over-all well being of children. The survey took into account education, health, economic status, family, and community. A spokesman and co-author of the study, Laura Speer, explained to the Louisiana Radio Network just where Louisiana is behind.

"Some of the places where Louisiana is lagging behind other stats is in the education domain"

This information was based on 4th and 8th grade scores as well as the state's low on-time graduation rate.  The national average for on-time graduation is 28%, in our state it's a dismal 19%.

The state also scored low in the family category too. With a 48th place overall ranking.

"48% of children living in Louisiana are living in a single-parent family,what that means is that there are less resources coming in to the household"

The only states that scored lower than Louisiana were Nevada at 48, New Mexico at 49 and the worst state of all was Mississippi