I was on my way out to Cajun Field to watch the Cajuns and Troy play on Saturday. Before I left the house I turned on the TV to see some of the LSU Tigers and Florida. I was hoping to see tackle football being played. Instead the NCAA has decided that these young men are not strong enough to handle teasing, even when it doesn't happen! Honestly, when you watch the play at full speed can you even see where the LSU punter taunted anyone? This is a total farce and a mockery of the game. LSU's punter made a great play, Florida got hosed, the points should have counted.

Why is there a rule against taunting? If you don't want to be taunted, play better. If you don't want the score run up on  you, play better. If you can't handle the game don't walk on the field.

In the real world there is taunting and beat downs and sometimes total humiliation. Aren't we supposed to be preparing kids for the real world? Or is this simply a product of everyone gets a certificate for participating. I expect cheese bucket calls like this in the Big 12, The Pac 12 and The Big East but not in the mighty SEC where football is life and life is played hard, except at Ole Miss. Boo to you NCAA for your very kindergarten like rules.