There have been magical moments in the history of LSU's Tiger Stadium. For each fan that memory may be totally different. Some might remember a big play or a final  touchdown. Others might remember Saturday nights spent with a father, grandfather or dear friend whose companionship changed their life. No matter what your favorite memory in or of Tiger Stadium happens to be,  you can now own a piece of history.

The Jeff Boss Locker Room at Tiger Stadium is being renovated. Instead of tossing out the old lockers the university is offering fans a chance to own one. There are two choices when it comes to procuring a locker. You may choose to buy the locker as is for a price of $3,950 or you may ask that your locker be refurbished to its original condition for an additional contribution of $230.

In addition to the lockers those who contribute in this way will also receive a map and architect's drawing of the locker room. This way fans will be able to pinpoint exactly where in the locker room the locker they've purchased stood.

Nearly 100 lockers are being made available to Tiger fans and each comes with a certificate of authenticity that verifies the piece as 100% collectible. The funds generated from the sale will go to benefit LSU athletics.