How can we already know the winner of a football game that won't be played until later today? We're smart, we read a lot and the answer is really pretty obvious. LSU will not only beat Florida this afternoon, they will beat them badly. Not as bad as they whipped Mississippi State but LSU fans will still have plenty of finger nails left to chew on by the end of the game.

Here is why I know the Tigers will win the game. LSU finally has something it has not had in a very long time. A capable quarterback who understands the offense. Don't get me wrong the Tigers have had some great athletes as QB's over the past seasons but this Mettenberger kid is the whole package. What makes Zach Mettenberger so good? Jeremy Hill that's why the signal caller is being mentioned in Heisman talk.

Florida is good. They are very strong on defense but they aren't strong in running and passing defense at the same time.With LSU it is no longer a predictable process on offense anymore. The Tigers have kept teams on their heels all season long and if they take care of the football Florida won't be anywhere in sight by the end of the 3rd quarter.

The big question most of the Facebook faithful have had about LSU is about the defense. Last week's first half against Mississippi State showed that that the TIger D could be exploited. Last week's second half of the same game showed that the Tiger D knows how to adjust. With out the aid of turnovers Florida isn't in the same conversation with LSU. The Tigers are better coached on a better plan with better players. See you at the victory party later tonight.