To say that babies are a miracle is like saying Oreos are a great way to start the day, you just don't need to, everybody already knows. I love little babies they remind me that there is hope for the future and they remind me that I better start being responsible if I am going to leave them a world worthy of creating that future. If you're one of those that believes in lucky numbers and want some local TV coverage when you're baby is born, you and your sweetie need to be getting busy this week end. How convenient since it's Valentines weekend and all!

According to fertility expert Dr. Jamie Grifo, prospective parents should start playing some Barry White for the next two weeks if they want a baby born on November 11. Said kid would have a birth date of 11/11/11, and the next shot of that birthday would be in 2111

Granted there are not gurantees that taking care of business this weekend insures you're buying diapers on 11/11 but won't it just give you another good reason to get in there and try?