Now I've heard everything. Steve Sewell, an unemployed 58-year-old British man, unsuccessfully tried to auction himself off on eBay in an attempt to get the attention of employers.

From For the low, low price of only 99 pence ($1.50 to us in the colonies), eBay bargain hunters could have had their very own human being. But despite the rock-bottom offer, the posting closed on Monday with no bids. Possibly because owning a human has historically never ended very well. Either that, or the lack of a return policy. That’s usually a deal breaker right there.

Sewell has a diploma in electrical and electronic engineering, is qualified as an IT technician and has worked as a mechanic. Another highlight of his long career: working as a toilet paper tester. Ummmmm, seems like there wouldn't be a lot of qualified people looking for THAT position, just sayin'.....

And just for the record, I usually look for phone batteries and candles on eBay.