In a very STRANGE turn of events, a man who police wanted to talk to about Aaron Hernandez has died in car accident. How creepy is this story gonna get?

From Yahoo :

The Hartford Courant has a story that is sure to get imaginations running. Thaddeus Singleton III, an associate of Hernandez's with whom police wanted to talk, died in a one-car accident. The report said the car shot through the air and hit the Farmington Country Club six feet off the ground. Hernandez is being held on a charge of first-degree murder, and police are also looking into any possible involvement the former New England Patriots tight end had in a 2012 double murder in Boston.

The Nissan Maxima in the accident involving Singleton was registered to Andres Valderrama, Hernandez's uncle. Singleton was married to Hernandez's cousin, the story said.

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