You are probably thinking based on that headline, this is going to be a strange tale. I guess it could be, but it's more of comment on the world in which we live. The story that prompted these thoughts is about a man from Austria. This gentleman is a professed Atheist. I have no problem with that, as I have stated before, your relationship with the Higher Power is a personal thing. This isn't a story of religious beliefs though, it's more of a "I am going to make you do it my way because I can" story. That is the problem with world as I see it. Why is it that the only people that have to be "tolerant" are those of us that love our families, work hard, practice our beliefs and choose to be intimate with an opposite gender?

It seems that everybody that has an issue or an axe to grind has got to be up in our faces. Why can't you believe and act the way you choose to believe and act quietly? I manage to do it, I bet you could too. If you're a guy that doesn't believe in God then why must you put the strain on the legal system just so you can thumb your nose at the rest of us who do by wearing a pasta strainer on your head?

We are a flawed species. The sooner we all accept that and agree that your way is your way, my way is my way and when ever we have some common ground we should celebrate it, the better off we are going to be. Otherwise, let's just leave each other alone. Go wear your pasta strainer, go let your pants sag to the ground, go plant your vegetables in the front yard, just be quiet about it. The rest of us have too much other stuff to do than worry about you and whether or not your feelings are hurt.