They call it "The Little Apple" it's Manhattan, Kansas and the home to the Kansas State University Wildcats. Kansas State is the next opponent for the Ragin' Cajuns in football.

Many Cajun fans will be traveling to support the team so we wanted to offer up some other things to do in town before and after the game.


Alpaca Market: Cajun fans you are in luck, this Saturday the Kansas Alpaca Fiber and Farms is sponsoring the 9th annual alpaca market. Alpacas are kind of like llamas except they are infinitely prettier and make better dancers. Admission is free and you can meet, pet and pull the fur off alpacas long before kickoff.

Rural Cemeteries Tour: If alpacas are not your cup of tea then maybe you'll enjoy visiting the dead. Again Cajun fans, you are in luck because this Saturday is also the Riley County rural cemeteries tour. Imagine getting into your rental car and visiting some of the most interesting people in the greater Manhattan area. That's right, these dead people are infinitely more fun that Kansas State football fans and they are better dancers. It is suggested you bring along your CB radio to get a free guided tour from the comfort of your own car.

Drinking: After a day with the dead or alpacas you are going to want to unwind with a cocktail or two. Fortunately for Cajun fans, this is Kansas State and not Arkansas State where the clock is permanently set back to 1963. There are  plenty of places to enjoy a libation, discuss alpacas and the dead and maybe even find some people who are really good dancers.