May is motorcycle awareness month. However, those of us who drive cars should be aware and on the look out for our two-wheeled neighbors on the roadway all the time. In my opinion motorcycle riders are some of the safest drivers on the road. They not only have to look out for themselves, they have to look out for you not looking out for them.

People who ride bikes are also some of the most generous people I know. Each year hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised in charity rides across our state and across the nation. The guys and gals under the helmets and behind the visors are good friends and good neighbors, let's help to keep them safe by understanding their plight on the roadway.

The first thing we as drivers of cars can do is remember that motorcyclist are out there. They have the same rights to the road that we do. Remember that riders are effected by bad road conditions and debris on the roadway. A car might could just run through the hazard, a motorcyclist will have to take evasive action. Because of their size bikes "disappear" behind large trucks and S.U.V.'s and they seem to appear out of nowhere.

When at an intersection be cognizant of an oncoming motorcycle when you are making a left turn. Because motorcycles are small they might blend in with oncoming traffic so make sure you look closely before making that turn.

For our friends that ride bikes and want to ride bikes, even if you are an old pro, take a training course or a refresher course in motorcycle safety. For divers of four wheeled and larger transportation, let's give our motorcycle friends extra room on the roadway too. Remember the slightest bump or tap from your larger vehicle could have deadly consequences. Motorcycle safety is everyone's concern.