Messing with the dog, if you have a dog then you have done this. I don't know why we humans subject our canine friends to such torture. It is clear the dog doesn't like having his ear blown on. I wouldn't blame the dog if he did as suggested and bite the guy in the face.

What things do you do to mess with your dog? My friend Winky Dinky Dog has a Labrador dog who loves chasing tennis balls. When I visit Wink's house I spend most of my time attempting to throw the ball into a place where the dog can't get it. In this case it is an antique milk jug that the dog can't get her nose into.

Why do I do that? Am I sick? Are we as humans genetically disposed to be so sadistic? It's a good thing dog's don't have a very long memory for stupid things or a good sense of time. If they did chances are Timmy would still be at the bottom of the well and Lassie would be sleeping on the porch with a very smug look on her face.