According to the latest issue of US Weekly, both wife Miranda Lambert and the producers of The Voice are fed up with Blake Shelton's drinking.

"Blake is married, but he still lives like a hell-raising bachelor," an unnamed source and friend of Blake's tells the magazine. "Miranda is beginning to draw the line."

Of course Blake and his camp are denying the accusations. The anonymous source claims otherwise, saying that sometimes Shelton shows up to the set sick and hungover, taking excessive time for the makeup artists to get him camera-ready.

"The producers recognize that Blake is a natural on TV, and they believe he's even capable of having his own sitcom," the friend tells In Touch.  "But they think he needs to tone down the partying or he could scare away the show's wholesome viewers."

The article does offer an emphatic reply from Blake himself: "I drink alcohol, and always will until I die. I don't care if you like it or not."