I know there are some segments of society that frown on even using the word Christmas, so if I have offended you it wasn't my intent. With all the images of the holidays that fly around in front of our childrens faces this time of year some question as to whether we are sending the  proper message for the true meaning of Christmas. I was raised to believe that the birth of Jesus was reason and that Santa was just a VERY cool side note to the celebration.

We all have seen the front-yard manger scenes where Santa Claus is standing around Baby Jesus along with Joseph, Mary, the shepherds, the wise men and the animals. Could it be that such an image does more harm than good in the mind of a child?

I would to know your thoughts and opinion and whether we are in agreement, I do wish you Peace this Christmas

(via Baptist Press - CHRISTMAS: Don't send kids mixed messages - News with a Christian Perspective.)