Everyday we fire up our computers and go on the web. Most of us use the internet for good. We play games, we chat, we catch up with friends and we let our children use the internet thinking that they are doing safe and comfortable things like we are. The internet is a very dangerous place for adults, it can be even more so for children.

Don't think the bad guys are operating in third world hell holes either. Many times they are working right here in our own backyard. Just yesterday Federal authorities announced the arrest of an Abita Springs man believed to be the mastermind behind a nationwide child pornography ring.

The man, Jonathon Johnson of Abita Springs, is believed to be the primary administrator of a website that allowed its users to upload, download and view images of minors in sexual situations. Authorities believe Johnson lured children to the site by setting up fake Facebook accounts and then tricking the underage youth into sending the compromising images and videos.

In addition to Johnson, 14 other men were arrested in connection with the operation that was conducted by federal authorities and members of the Homeland Security office based out of New Orleans. If convicted, Johnson could receive 20 years in prison.