There has been a lot of discussion about Trace Adkins lately in regards to him having to leave a recent country music cruise due to a heated and possibly physical confrontation with an impersonator.

Since that incident, Trace has checked into rehab and little information has been known about the whole situation. We've received bits and pieces of accounts of the events that led to Trace leaving the cruise in Jamaica, but most has been speculation.

Another angle to the story is the displeasure by many of the passengers who paid good money to hang with and see Trace Adkins live in concert on the ship. Apparently, the travelers were offered a ticket and meet & greet to an upcoming Trace concert, but many were not pleased with the trade-off.

There were many other country artists on the ship for this Country Cruise. One was good guy Neal McCoy. While he did not personally witness the incident, he does have an insider's take on the whole situation and offered his opinion via his Facebook page.