This picture has surfaced of Alicia Ann Lynch, a 22-year-old from Michigan, who tweeted and instagrammed a photo of herself at work dressed as a Boston Marathon bombing victim for Halloween.


Yeah, she though this was a good idea.

Well, not only did the internet go after her in a HUGE way, but information was also found on her parents and where they worked, and people quickly starting cyber attacking the parents as well.


Then, she lost her job…

Now, before you go trying to find her online and tell her what a bad choice she made, know this… it seems she seriously gets it. She knows what a thoughtless, insensitive thing she has done. Isn’t that what we all really want to see, is that when people do things like this, they realize what a horrible thing they’ve done? She sent an explanation email and apology to the website, and you can head over there and read it.