There was a time in my life when only the gas station was open on Sunday. That changed, and now Sunday is one of the biggest shopping days of the week. There was a time when retailers opened at their regular time on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That changed, and now there is a frenzy to wake up at 2am to hit the stores and score huge savings. There is now a growing trend for retailers to open Thursday, Thanksgiving Night, for shoppers.

The argument against this practice is that store workers and employees need the time to be with their family and loved ones.  Thanksgiving should be a time of reflection and giving thanks, not a time for excessive commercial gluttony. Thanksgiving should be a time when, what? I can get a big screen TV for 70% off? To heck with family and blessings; let's go buy a TV.

If you're against stores being open on Thanksgiving, don't shop. It is that simple. The only reason a store owner ever opens his or her doors is he or she thinks customers will come spend money. If I had a retail business I would be open on Thanksgiving. Come to think of it this radio station will be operating on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many hospitals will be open and operating over the holidays. Many gas stations and restaurants will also be open and serving meals. Hotels and help desks will also be functioning. Why shouldn't retailers be allowed to be there for potential customers?

Do I agree with the practice?

No, I really don't. Do I understand the reasons? I sure do. The holiday shopping season is where breaking even turns into profit. That is not only true for the big boys of retail but the small business owner as well. The truth is this, our economy was once based on agriculture. That meant work occurred between the hours of sun up and sun down. Now our economy is 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We never close. There is a huge amount of disposable income that is roaming the streets at 2 in the morning. I know, I am one of them.

To be truthful on the matter, I have never shopped on Black Friday. I go shopping sometime the week before Christmas and get all my shopping done in about an hour. I don't hunt for bargains, I hunt for memories. I understand being frugal for the holidays and if it works out where the consumer and the retailer can both win - then it seems to be an okay idea to me. You just won't see me participating. You also won't see me standing in your way of saving money or making a living.