Residents of Scott might wake up to flashing clocks and other electronic equipment after a power outage was reported in the area around midnight.  As of 3am, according to the Entergy outage map, power had been restored to the affected area. It is estimated that between 1800 and 2000 Entergy customers in the Scott area could have been affected by the outage.

An outage in the Baton Rouge area Wednesday was believe to be the fault of equipment failures. A company spokesperson said annual equipment testing revealed a situation that needed to be corrected. That problem was addressed and those customers had power restored quickly. The annual equipment check was part of the company's annual plan to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.

As of this report, no cause for the disruption in service in the Scott area has been reported. Entergy crews continue to monitor the area and are seeking to identify the cause of the outage.