I have been blessed to have dogs around my house for many years. I have had St Bernards and mixed breeds. We currently share space with Cotton, the world's dumbest dog, who is a Maltese. One thing I have discovered about all of these breeds of dogs. They all go poo.

We have a fenced in back yard so picking up after the dog outside isn't that big of a deal. It is a big deal when they go poo in the house or if we are taking them out in public. Picking up after your dog in a public place is just common courtesy. Oddly enough some people never learned that behavior so all of us have occasionally stepped in some dog owners irresponsible behavior. If only we had a super hero to defend us.

Enter the gentleman that is the star of this video. I am not sure where this video comes from. I know he is speaking a foreign language and their could be dirty words  involved. What I do know is that he has the right idea about reminding people to pick up after their dogs. I am willing to bet this dog owner will always remember to scoop the poop.