A young girl riding her bike home from a friends house is kidnapped and murdered, a father is accused of kidnapping his own child, a government official orders attacks on thousands of his own citizens, that is our world today.

There are countless stories of terrible things that grab our attention and steal the innocence from our lives everyday. Where does all the goodness go? Are we slowly becoming a planet of evil doers and n'er-do-wells? I would like to think all of the creatures of the universe are born with a sense of kindness and compassion.

That is why this short, sweet, video appealed so much to me, I wanted to show it to you. This is video from a petting zoo where a small goat has gotten his foot caught in the bottom of a pond.As the goat "bleets" for help you can hear the voice of a human running his camera. The human is content to watch the terrified goat bleet for its life and capture the awful incident on film.

Then our hero enters the picture. A small pig swims over to the goat and grabs him by the ear, pulling him to safety. That is what friends do for friends and and its what each of us should be willing to do for each other.

Sometimes all we need is a gentle push or a  yank on the ear and we are good to go on with our day. Thank you sweet little pig for making me stop and think about all the good I could have shared today but didn't. Maybe tomorrow I can make that kindness up and the universe will return the favor to me times ten.