The fourth and latest installment in the Disney money machine known as Pirates of the Caribbean is being released today. No doubt it'll blow up the box office. But it hasn't been a hit with the critics. Seems everything I've read has panned it as a "cash grab by Disney".

But you know what, I don't care what the critics say! They get paid to (pardon this) be CRITICAL! They don't get readers and subscribers if they like everything. For all we know all three Smoky and the Bandits got only 1 out of 10 stars!

And if you didn't know by the gazillion trailers and previews bombarding your tv screen lately, Penelope Cruz is in On Stranger Tides! Her and Jack are on a mission to find the Fountain of Youth in this flick apparently...I don't really care to read about the plot and all that cinematic excellence stuff, just show me a drunk Captain Jack Sparrow, some dirty pirates, a pretty girl or two, and battles galore!

How about that for a review ya'll?