I think we can all agree that birthdays are the best. Whether you are celebrating your birthday or someone else's, it is a good excuse to be with friends and family and have a good time. If you have a special someone's birthday coming up, throw them the best, birthday surprise, ever!

First step is planning the party. What does the birthday gal/guy enjoy? If they are more casual then you can plan a surprise, backyard BBQ, luau or pool party. If they enjoy going out to eat you can make reservations at one of their favorite restaurants. The options are unlimited!

Next is keeping the surprise. Sending out invitations or making an event on Facebook will let everyone know it is a SECRET SURPRISE and to keep it under wraps. Have people RSVP so you know exactly who can and cannot participate. Be specific what time everyone should arrive at the surprise destination. Also, having the party a couple days before or after someone's actual birthday will be less suspicious.

Someone needs to "baby-sit" the guest of honor while someone else coordinates the surprise at the destination. Know the birthday person's schedule/routine for that day and come up with a clever reason to get them out of the house and into your vehicle. The coordinator back at the party spot should have everyone hushed and ready to surprise.

If you are playing host or hostess, always remember to be warm, inviting, and have plenty of food and beverages provided. And don't forget to scream SURPISE!