The energy industry is alive and well in South Louisiana. That means more and more Louisiana workers will have the opportunity to be a part of this dynamic industry and secure high paying jobs right here at home.  Officials in Cameron Parish have an even more tangible reason to be optimistic about jobs after the Department of Energy recently approved an expansion request by Sempra International.

The approval of the changes at the facility were addressed In a statement released by United States Senator David Vitter,

"Natural gas has created a job boom across this country, but in particular in Southwest Louisiana, and this conditional approval means the Cameron LNG project has taken an important step in the right direction. I'll continue to push for final approval to get this cutting-edge liquefied natural gas project through the cumbersome federal regulatory process,"

Sempra International's natural gas terminal located in Cameron Parish near Hackberry was recently granted approval to expand from an import only facility to an import and export facility. This change will allow the company and the facility to safely export liquified natural gas to customers around the world.

The approved changes will mean 3,000 construction jobs in the near term to complete the 10-billion dollar expansion project. Once completed the facility is expected to create 140 permanent jobs. It is expected that the plant will create an estimated 10 billion dollar impact into the areas economy.