I think just moments after man invented the wheel came the idea lets use it to jump stuff. As a kid we were drawn to the TV when ever Evel Kneivel was going to jump his motorcycles over anything. I don't know whether we really wanted to see him make or secretly wanted to see the carnage of a crash. Evel did not disappoint either way.

From Evel to the Red Bull batch of crazies that show up on our TV's every New Years Eve comes the people that the phrase don't try this at home was invented for. The amateur daredevil is the person that Youtube and emergency rooms were made for.

Here we see a guy thinking a motorcycle assist will be the perfect addition to his attempt to jump his bicycle into a pond. The only problem, he didn't count on that truck being where it was. Here you go kids, it is your daily does of don't do that unless Mom and Dad have good insurance and you don't mind walking with a limp the rest of your life.