I do not claim to be a scholar on the religions of the world. My preacher might even tell you I am not too well versed in my own religion. All I know is your relationship with your beliefs are yours and yours alone. That being said, I have heard in the Muslim Faith pork is not what's for dinner, or for anything else. If what I have read is to be believed then the consuming of, or contact with, pork or pork products is a serious no-no. The touching of pork is such a bad thing that it could keep you out of heaven or if you're a martyr keep you from getting the other rewards promised to you. So did U.S. Navy Seals use pork coated bullets when they sent Osama Bin Laden to his final reward?

True or not true, it really makes you stop and think doesn't it? Could we stop extreme believers of this particular faith in their tracks with a bag of cracklin's? I wonder how much bacon it would take to coat an airplane?

 Let me say this, there are a lot of crazy people that do a lot of crazy things in the name of religion. All religions seem to have their share of extreme believers that give the regular folks a bad name. I understand that most Muslim followers are just like me, trying to get right with their higher power during their time on Earth. It's a shame the crazy believers get all the attention isn't it?