The lure of instant riches is a strong one. We have all thought about what we would do if we won The Powerball. Last night somebody did win the current Powerball Jackpot and I am guessing it wasn't you.

According to reports there were three tickets that had the winning numbers. Two of the tickets were sold in New Jersey and the other was sold in Minnesota. Unless you are visiting in those places or you just got back from there I am guessing you're going to need to report to work on time this morning.

What would the first thing most people would do if they actually won the lottery? It warms my heart to tell you the philanthropic side of humanity in general. Almost half of people surveyed said they would help out family members. Many others suggested they would make a large donation to a favorite charity or their church.

Others had more exciting plans, quite a few people would start their own business. A few people said they would get a divorce. Others simply said they would travel the world. Regardless of whether we win the Powerball or not there are still a lot of riches for us to enjoy that are free everyday. Among those free things is our time together on the radio. Since you didn't win and I didn't win, I guess we will keep this relationship going a little longer.