I have been told by my wife that there are several personalities that live between my ears. I don't know that I actually believe that but I know I always have somebody to talk to even when I am by myself.

I like to think of myself as a happy go lucky carefree kind of fellow. The kind of guy you'd like to wake up with and listen to on the radio. Jill, my wife, says no, I am anything but carefree. She says I am high maintenance.  In almost 25 years of marriage Jill has never lied to me so there must be some truth to what she says right?



I decided to take my self introspection to a much higher power. No, not that higher power he has enough to worry about with out me bringing up my personal issues. I went to the internet for answers! I decided that the personality quiz I took had to be one that I could truly understand the outcome. I didn't want a bunch of psycho-babble, I needed clear concise answers.

That is why I chose to find my inner cartoon character. From the answer that I received I would know for sure if I was high maintenance or the happy go lucky carefree guy I believe I am.

How would you like to know who your inner cartoon character is? You can take the online quiz right here but you have to promise to tell me who your character is. Just for the record Jill thinks I am this character. The test showed that I was really more like this one.