If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound? If a radar gun is placed in a guard rail on an interstate highway is it fair to motorist? No it's not fair but is it legal? It sure is.

Coming soon to an interstate highway or other major traffic bearing road near you. The permanent speed camera and radar gun. These units tuck nicely into the guard rail along a long stretch of highway, and if you're traveling above the posted speed in the words of Food Network, you are toast.

Actually this unit that you see pictured here is not like the Red Flex cameras that are currently in use in Acadiana. These are radar guns, much like the hand held devices you see State Troopers use on the Basin Bridge. These radar guns relay data, including a picture of the offending vehicle to a waiting patrol unit down the road a mile or two.

Is your radar detector useless against this stealthy approach to nailing speeders? You can count on about the same amount of warning as you get against the hand held guns. The hidden radar guns are activated by a motion sensor several hundred feet ahead of the gun. If you happen to be traveling alone you might get popped. If you are trailing a pack of cars that trip the system you might get an advanced warning of the possible speed trap.

The best advice we can offer, travel the posted speed, leave earlier so you don't have to rush and just freaking relax. Life is too short to have to worry about paying speeding fines that you really don't need to get.